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Alkarnak herbs is a leading Egyptian company specialized in Growing, producing, and Exporting dried herbs and spices to all over the world. As a result of being the third generation in this field we have been distinguished by our high quality of herbs and spices which are the outcome of a comprehensive chain procedures applied in cultivation, harvesting, Sun high drying and processing.


Alkarnak herbs is a family owned company; it was founded as a grower and producer of herbs and spices, then we started manufacturing our own production to be distributed by the local exporting agents and offices, afterwards we decided to export our own production ourselves, Thus we developed our machine lines to increase our production capacity and comply with the international quality requirements.


We grow most of our products and are located on the production grounds. This gives us the opportunity to fully control and implement high quality agricultural programs. Fresh goods are dried naturally at drying sites that preserve their integrity. The dried raw materials then undergo a custom processing procedure on the production site according to our clients' quality specifications. Then the goods are prepared at our warehouse for dispatch.
We export our production to all over the world